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Mrs Jeannette Albert
Principal Mr Andrew Casey
Assistant Principal Mrs Katie Thompson
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Jeannette Albert
Mr Damian Collins
Coordinator Mrs Jodie Heggaton
Teacher-Librarian Mrs Joanne Murphy
Sport Co-ordinator Mrs Leonne Challen
PE Teacher Mrs Katie Thompson
Kindergarten KKW Mrs Karin Williams
Kindergarten KMW Mrs Mandy Williams
Year 1SM

Mrs Sally McFadyen

Year 1VM Mrs Vanessa McIsaac
Year 2K Miss Brigid Kearney
Year 2M Ms Jillian Murray
Year 3G

Miss Georgina Gough 

Year 3R

Mrs Siobhan Roberts

Year 4H

Mrs Jodie Heggaton

Year 4C

Mr Damian Collins

Year 5AL Mrs Jeannette Albert
Year 5B Mrs Jacqui Bolger
Year 6C Mrs Kym Connelly
Year 6E Mrs Vicki Eastwood
Learning Support Mrs Jade Presser
Music Teacher Mrs Sarah Sullivan
School Secretary Mrs Donna Dal Molin
Clerical Assistant

Mrs Kathleen Hardy

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Tammy Terry
Mrs Leonie Reeves

Mrs Katharine Manchester

Cleaner/Groundperson Mr Jamie Williams
Maintenance Mr Jamie Williams
Canteen Manager Mrs Shelley McRae
Technical Support 
Simon Maher