Community Council

Chair: Alecia Denniss

Principal: Peter Hughes

Treasurer: Jenna Hoskins

Secretary: Pauline Sharpe

Parish: Fr Jiss 

Staff Representatives

Parent Representatives: Amy Parkes, Judd Morris, Karin Thrind & Nashiya Rizvanu Haq

The School Community Council assists the Principal with the management of the school.

1-4  parent representatives are elected to the Council and they meet twice per term to discuss school related issues. In addition to the main council there are numerous ‘teams’ such as fundraising, publicity and canteen which meet as often as required to achieve their goals. All parents are welcome to join up with one or more of the teams so as to become involved in our dynamic and busy school community. There are many opportunities to contribute on a more casual basis through the many events scheduled throughout the year.  

To provide an opportunity for parents to have a voice, the Community Council meet with a Parent Open Forum Meeting at least once a term.  All parents are invited to attend these meetings.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the above, or any other matter please feel free to bring them to our attention.