Principal's Welcome



St Mary’s Primary School, nurtures the growth of each child in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, through the traditions of the Presentation Sisters and the Catholic Church. We believe in developing the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually by empowering the gifts within. Our learning environment provides children with opportunities to develop into happy, productive and successful members of society.

At St Mary’s Primary School, we have high expectations of the children that you, as parents and caregivers, entrust into our care. We are committed to ensuring that they are inspired and challenged not only to outstanding academic success, but in all areas. Children receive many diverse learning opportunities and experiences through the specialist classes of Physical Education, Drama and French. Additionally, they are offered a multitude of cross-curricular activities through regular incursions, excursions, sporting opportunities, and Student Leadership programs. Children with specific learning needs are well supported through a range of well resourced programs.

Our school motto “To Love is to Serve” permeates all dimensions of St Mary’s Primary School as we strive to live out the Gospel values of Jesus each day. We ensure a supportive and caring environment that acknowledges and celebrates the gifts and talents of all those in the school community- children, staff and parents so they can make a difference to the world in which we live.

St Mary’s Primary School is underpinned by our outstanding staff members, who are dedicated professionals committed to providing a caring and supportive environment which respects the dignity of each child, fosters a genuine love of God, and motivates all children to be contributing members of our school and wider community.

Quality partnerships and relationships with parents and caregivers are integral to St Mary’s Primary School. This partnership is founded on a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation, communication and involvement. Our school does not replace the home, rather it is an extension that compliments it, where children are welcomed, valued and challenged to achieve their personal best. Families are welcomed into the school at all times and their contribution to school life is highly valued.

As a school community, we are very proud of our school and the quality of learning that occurs here. I encourage you to contact the school for further information or to make a time to speak with me.

Mr Andrew Casey