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At St Mary’s Primary School Young, students benefit from exciting programs and experienced teachers and a balanced education.  They will become well-rounded and prepared for high school. Read below to find out why St Mary’s will be a good choice for your child.


  1. First and foremost, we are a Catholic school.  This means your child is enveloped in a nurturing Christian environment where Catholic principles and values are modelled by our staff and shared, so that students can shape their character into respectful, service-minded citizens within our community.
  2. Our school is led by a new Principal.   We are fortunate to have a new Principal, Andrew Casey, who has reinvigorated our school culture and is focused on our community. Andrew’s philosophy is to enable all of our staff to be innovative, nurturing and passionate educators encouraging our students to foster their interests and fulfil their individual potential.
  3. We have new facilities and ample room for your child to learn, grow and play! In the last few years we have added to our School with x, x and x.  We will continue to maintain our school grounds and also continue to build new facilities to enhance our student’s learning.
  4. Your child has many opportunities. We have a rich curriculum on offer and also many exciting programs for students to participate in including x and x. Students learn PE, Music and a language at St Mary’s as well as having the ability to participate in environment and outdoor education programs.  We also offer robotics, chess and x.
  5. Transformative Results. Testimony to our success is our NAPLAN results, the best of any primary school in the area. 
  6. Parent partnerships.  Our entire team at St Mary’s understand that a child’s key to educational success is due to having an engaged and collaborative parent partnership. We encourage school-parent communication and work hard to ensure that families have the tools and support they need to help their students perform to the best of their abilities.
  7. Convenient and safe bus access.  We work with our bus providers to ensure safe access for students to school. We believe the fees for this transportation are modest considering the distances involved. We know that this service is highly valued and provides peace of mind for families.
  8. Affordable Fees. We believe our fees are affordable for families and genuinely consider that our core offering – a quality values-based education with good facilities and experienced teachers – delivers a value for money proposition for families.
  9. Student wellbeing and pastoral care.  No child is exempt from the worries of today’s world, especially primary-school children.  We place enormous emphasis on our understanding of inclusivity and diversity, our student wellbeing program and the pastoral care of each and every student and their cohort.  We have a strict no-bullying policy and behavioural guidelines in place to help our students manage their personal growth at our School.  We work with families in need to maintain our philosophy that every child matters.
  10. Happiness and Fun!  A school environment is an exciting place for students and staff.  It is a place of shared friendships, life events and community.  Our School is a happy place that creates joyful experiences for all who come into contact with it. By being a part of the St Mary’s community you will no doubt partake in our fun and see the happiness in your children as they journey with us.


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“The best thing is the culture of the school. It’s very caring.” St Mary’s Parent

“Our kids are very happy. They always want to go to school.” St Mary’s Parent

“It is a safe, caring environment. The kids are always more than just a number or a student. They belong. Everyone knows everyone and that makes a safe place with everyone nurtured.” St Mary’s Parent

“I like the way the school has dealt with some social issues.. The whole group is called together, not just the ones involved, and then everyone knows what’s okay and what won’t be tolerated. That openness makes it easier for them to move past the issues.” St Mary’s Parent

“There are many lines of communication available and the teachers are always prompt in getting back to you.” St Mary’s Parent

“I’m not Catholic but I love that my child is learning good values; compassion, understanding and respect.” St Mary’s Parent

“My child is learning there is more in life than just himself. He learns where he fits in the world and learns respect and appreciation for other people.” St Mary’s Parent

“The principal is firm and approachable. You feel like the kids know exactly where they stand with him while also understanding he’s there for them.” St Mary’s Parent

“The communication is great; the school moves with the time.” St Mary’s Parent

“Our eldest child was well-equipped to transition to high school. St Mary’s had given her a lot of opportunities to try a range of different things; drama, public speaking, right through to sport and of course academically as well.” St Mary’s Parent

“My children have always felt safe which is the greatest thing.” St Mary’s Parent

“The discipline is clear and everyone knows what is expected.” St Mary’s Parent