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Community Council Meeting – 1st April 2015


 The Community Council held the second meeting of the year on Wednesday 1st April.


  • Melisa McColl and Vanessa Thorley were given a warm welcome as new members of the Council.
  • The Council and school passed their thanks for the work and contribution of Chloe Powderly who has recently resigned.
  • Treasurer Peter Maher confirmed the finances of both the Council and the School remain in a solid position.
  • It was agreed the funds raised from the class canvasses sold by silent auction at the Art Show will be allocated to Performing Arts in the school given the intended ball did not proceed. It is expected the funds will be used for upgrades to the School Hall.
  • The bandwidth upgrade to the Schools IT capability has been completed.
  • The new Sister Phil Shelter will be formally opened at a ceremony in May.
  • The pending after school care program will now be held in the Hall and will commence with 15 spaces.
  • Discussions were held in regards to some water damage and associated required plumbing work under the Administration Building. Further investigation is required.
  • Inquiries are being made into the possibility of upgrading the phone system.
  • The playground area was agreed as the next project for the upgrade to the school. Martin Sullivan will conduct some initial work to scope the possibilities. The Council will review this with the intention to be in a position to call for Tenders for the work.
  • It was decided to look at holding the Ball later in the year. Melisa McColl will form a sub-committee and revert with ideas for the event and a proposed date.
  • The next meeting will be Thursday 13th May and will be preceded by the first Open Forum of the year.


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