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School Fees

School Fee accounts will usually be sent home in the first or second week of each term and are due for payment within four weeks of the statement date. A reminder account will be issued in approximately week six.  For children at St. Mary's Primary the school fee account will comprise seven sections:

Below are the School Fees for 2018

1. Tuition Fee - this is a family fee of $293.00 per term.

    (If you have children attending Hennessy Catholic College you will only be charged  $146.50 per term)

2. Administration Fee -  this is a family fee of $118 per term

3. Education Levy - this is a fee charged to each child per term of $90

4. Building Fund Levy - this is a family fee of $77 per term                                 

5. Fundraising Levy - this is a family fee of $27 per term.

 NB: Families with children at Hennessy Catholic College still must pay a reduced tuition fee to St. Mary's School. This fee is set by and remitted to the Catholic Education Office.

To make the calculation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or per term payments easier we have included a link below.


2018 Fee Calculator


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