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All interested parents wishing to enrol their child at St. Mary's are invited to meet with the Principal for a formal interview as part of the enrolment process.




All parents/guardians are required to sign an application form and agree to its contents before enrolments can be accepted. Documentary evidence of Birth Certificate, Immunisation and Baptism (if applicable) must be provided.





Kindergarten Enrolments

Children wishing to enrol in Kindergarten should turn 5 years before April 30, in accordance with guidelines set by the Catholic Education Office in Canberra.


Enrolment Policy for Special Needs Students

Students with disabilities are enrolled at the school according to the guidelines and procedures outlined in the CEO Learning Support Manual, available from the school. All known information about your child regarding physical, medical or learning needs must be disclosed at the time of application. In some cases a special needs committee is convened prior to enrolment acceptance to ensure that the child's needs and parent expectations are established. The committee will also pursue available resources and funding avenues.


Catholic Education Office Enrolment Policy



For further information please contact the office:

Phone No.: (02) 6382 5844

or Email: office.stmarysyoung@cg.catholic.edu.au

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