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Mrs Louise Grant


Friendliness,    Kindness,    Excellence


St Mary’s Primary provides a dynamic, nurturing and faith centred environment for children from Young and surrounding areas to enjoy challenging and enriching learning opportunities. The warmth and care shown to each child allows them to flourish and develop the confidence needed for success in an ever changing world.

The school is founded on the traditions and strong foundations of the Presentation Sisters. Catholic Education has a long and proud history of providing quality education in Young. Our Mission Statement and School Prayer follow the example of Mary, in that 'we strive for the growth of each individual to their full potential through excellence in Catholic Education and in a spirit of love and service. St. Mary’s welcomes children from all Christian families and from other faiths. 

The children at St Mary’s are encouraged to work hard and achieve their personal best, whether it is in the classroom, on the sports fields or through the myriad other opportunities they have for their personal and spiritual development and all-round growth. We aim to meet the needs of each child as an individual; each is supported and encouraged by the other boys and girls and by a strong and very committed staff. Whilst protected and nurtured, the children are also challenged in order to build their ability to thrive as adults in the future. 

While these facilities are excellent, St. Mary’s most tangible strength is our strong community. Our teaching and support staff are totally committed to providing the best outcomes for each child to ensure they grow and develop to be the best they can be. We are a family where your child will thrive in every respect and develop as a valued member of our community.

It is not possible to share everything through the pages of a website, nor will you be able to appreciate the genuine warmth and sheer vibrancy of our school community. If you would like to know more about St Mary’s, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are assured of a warm welcome.

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